My works focus on the structure and abstract colors (field) composition. I take my color from nature and the environment constant challenge to create a new shape. Mostly based on traditional media, such as canvas, timber board painted with acrylic and mixed media. I use different materials and techniques in my works of art (painting, graphic, digital art, art photography).

  • 1997 Graduated from institute of fine arts Erbil, Kurdistan/Iraq.
  • 2003 Graduated from college of fine arts in Sulaymaniyah University, Kurdistan/Iraq.
  • 2007 Screen printing course in Älvsbyn, Sweden.
  • 2010 Supplemental education in Higher Education in Sweden. The program corresponds to the intensity and scope of Swedish Bachelor of Free Arts.
  • Digital art course in Stockholm, Sweden.
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2002 in Media gallery Erbil.
  • 2007 in Lulea University.
  • 2019 in SoHo gallery Västerås.

Art works